General Terms Of Sale

The vacation rental for the Owner is entrusted to Feel Luxury Holidays. The Tenant declares on honor that the rental premises in question are rented only as a temporary residence and that no profession will be exercised in these premises.


According to Article L 121-21-8 of the French Consumer Law, related to, in particular, the provision of accommodation provided for a specific date or period, the Tenant is informed that he cannot benefit from the right of withdrawal provided in Article L 121-21.


Any reservation is considered optional as long as the 20-30% deposit payment of the total rent has not been paid.

1/reservation and on-line payment
After the on-line reservation and bank card payment of the 25 % deposit and set-up fees, FLH will send by e-mail a rental agreement which specifies the price of the stay, the various services reserved

2/other methods of reservation and payment
If you contact FLH by telephone or email, we will send you a link for our web site page referencing the property which you wish to rent. You can make the reservation and the on-line payment (cf above).

If you are not able to reserve and pay on-line, we will email you the rental agreement specifying the price of the stay, the various services reserved as well as the date limit for the return of the signed contract. The bank transfer of the deposit payment and set-up fees will have to reach us under 48 hours with the contract signed. Otherwise the option will automatically be cancelled.

3/balance payment
You will receive by email the payment balance and a link allowing you to make the on-line payment by bank card. The balance must be settled at the latest 30 days prior to your arrival. After this date no settlement delay will be tolerated, your reservation will be cancelled, the deposit will not be refunded and you will be liable for the balance payment.

4/late reservation
In case of late reservation (less than 30 days prior to your arrival), you will have to pay the total amount of your stay in one payment by bank card.


The prices include heating, electricity, hot and cold water, gas and agency fees. The price list for towels and linen, telephone expenses, the house cleaning for departure and the caution is indicated in the rental agreement and descriptive of the rental.


The guarantee deposit is prepaid in case of damages caused during the rental, damage to the property or furnishings. The mode of payment is indicated in the contract and depends on the conditions of the rental. If the guarantee deposit is not paid, FLH can refuse to provide you with the accommodation and no refund for the rental will be made. The guarantee deposit will be refunded within one month, deductions may be made to replace broken objects, or for additional cleaning if deemed necessary . If these expenses exceed the amount of the caution, the Tenant must settle the balance. FLHis not responsible if the Owner decides to with hold the totality or partial refund of the deposit.


1-Customer modifications
A modification request for a confirmed booking must be made in writing. If a modification is accepted then a new contract will be sent by FLH will not take into account a change made directly by a customer on a document). The modifications can not alter the payment terms of the balance. Any change of date or change of accommodation requested by the customer means a cancellation for the initial reservation (with cancellation fees applicable) and set-up fees for the new reservation. The new reservation will be subject to availability.

2-Customer cancellation
FLH must be notified of a confirmed booking cancellation either by registered post or email; the date of reception will determine the date of cancellation. The prepaid deposit will be kept by FLH.

If the Tenant cancels less than 30 days prior to arrival, the Tenant will be liable for the difference between the deposit and the amount of the total rent, which is due to FLH.

If the customer has taken out a cancellation insurance with FLH and if the reason for the cancellation is covered by the insurance guarantee, the customer will be refunded by the insurance cover. On no account, the refund will be made by FLH. In all cases the set-up fees and the insurance cancellation will be kept by FLH.

3-Interruption of stay
If the tenant interrupts his stay, no refund will be made by the FLH.

The rental cannot be extended without the preliminary agreement of FLH. The initial contract and the extended contract can not exceed the duration of ninety days maximum.

5-Owner or Agency cancellation
In the case of unforeseen circumstances (fire – damage – burglary etc.) making the rental impossible FLH makes a commitment to ensure that you are reimbursed the totality of your payments, while trying to find you an equivalent rental. This rehousing will be the object of a new rental agreement without the invoicing of set-up fees.


In the rental agreement there is an optional vacation insurance. Our partner ——— makes a commitment to pay off all or part of the rental fees to customers who have subscribed to ———. In case of cancellation or of disaster, let FLH know of your situation and the event preventing your departure by email or mail. If the disaster is catered for in the general conditions of insurances (available on the site http: // www.————————-), inform the insurer with in 5 days and supply all the necessary information and documents. Once signed, this insurance cannot be deleted.

If the Tenant does not subscribe to our optional insurance, he will have to take out, with an insurance company, a police covering fire risks, theft, broken glass, water damage and third party insurance for those staying at the rental, furniture, furnishings, equipments and materials. Proof of this insurance contract will be requested by FLH at the time of the balance payment. If there is no insurance, then the rental will be purely and simply be cancelled without compensation and the Tenant will be liable for the balance (cf customer cancellation).


Once the payment balance received, FLH  will send by e-mail a reception file indicating the address and phone number of the Owner or his representative, the address of the rental, the meeting time for the key reception and the inventory established by the Owner or his representative. Any complaints concerning the rental or the inventory must be made known to FLH  two (2) days following the key reception.

In case of late arrival, get in touch directly with the Owner. If the Owner is not informed of your late arrival, he may ask you a financial compensation. If the Tenant does not arrive by Sunday morning at 09:00 am at the latest (except by pre-arrangement with the Agency), FLH has the right to re-let the property. All prepaid sums for the reservation will be withheld and the balance of the rent will be demanded from the Tenant.

The departure is set at the latest 11:00 am, with the Owner or his representative to check the inventory and return the keys.

3-Loss of keys
Should the rental keys be lost or stolen, you will be charged for the cost of cutting new keys. Should it be deemed necessary for security reasons to change the locks, again this will be at your cost.


The Tenant must look after the accommodation, and respect the internal rental rules. The rental can be occupied only by the number of people indicated in the contract and the corresponding equipment with which it is provided. The Tenant cannot under any circumstances, sublet or transfer his rights to this agreement without the express agreement of FLH.

The Tenant can by no account bring into the rental any animal, without special authorization of the Owner or his representative. A 150-euro charge for cleaning will be levied payable to FLH and the contract cancelled. The Tenant must not block the outside aerations, air extraction unit openings, or put into the washbasins, baths, bidets, kitchen sinks any objects likely to obstruct pipes, otherwise he will be charged for the expense of deblocking these equipments.

FLH and the Owner reserve the right to let the accommodation be visited during the period of rent, for urgent works and maintenance for the garden, swimming pool etc. It is expressly forbidden to use beds without sheets, or pillowcases. In case of bunk beds, it is reminded that the top bunk is not suitable for children under six.

The Tenant must let FLH know immediately of any dysfunction, or deterioration whatever the cause. The Tenant can on no account use the property for organizing exceptional events such as marriages, birthday parties or party evenings without the preliminary agreement of the Owner. No caravans, tents, mobile homes, campers or other forms of shelter is authorized on the grounds of the property. Should the opposite occur, the Tenant will be expelled from the accommodation. All payments received plus the caution will be kept as compensation.

The Tenant must use the swimming pool safety device, no claim can be made against the Owner in the event of an accident if he did not activate it. The Tenant can not make illegal downloads using the internet connection of the rental under penalty prosecution.


The Owner must provide the Tenant with the accommodation as described and to respect the obligations of the present agreement.

The Owner is solely responsible for the description of the property supplied to FLH and to the Tenant, FLH can not be held responsible for any changes concerning the rental or it’s environment if these changes have not been brought to the attention of FLH  in the lapse of time between the date of reservation and arrival of the Tenant. Neither the Owner nor FLH  can be held responsible in case of general service problems with electricity, water, gas or telephone, Internet connection or works bordering on the property , and declines responsibility for any inconvenience caused, including neighborhood disturbances outside the property. The present contract limits the role of the Agency to that of the intermediary between the parties, it’s responsibility cannot be committed because of the Owner or the Tenant.


A report of natural, mining and technological risks established less than 6 months before the date of conclusion of the contract is available on simple request.


For any complaints, the tenant must get in touch with Feel Luxury Holidays by e-mail within 24 hours after his arrival and by telephone no later then the 1st working day after his arrival. The Tenant agrees to give FLH the time required to verify the situation and to find a solution. Any complaint which has not be made within the indicated time and in writing will not be taken into account by FLH. Should the Tenant leave the accommodation before the arrival of a representative of FLH and without his written authorization, the Tenant will lose all possibility of a refund. No complaint presented after the end of the stay in the accommodation will be considered or will give rise to a possible refund and/or compensation.


The present contract is subject to French law. Should there be a dispute, then the local area court where the head office of Feel Luxury Holidays is situated will deal with the situation.


The conditions and contracts are established in French and have been translated into English to facilitate exchanges with the Tenants. In case of a difference between the versions, the version in French language will prevail.


The information is the object of IT processing held for 3 years. According to the law ” computing and liberties ” of January 6th, 1978 modified in 2004, you have right of access and can modify, correct and delete data which concerns you. This can be done by contacting our services. You may receive sale offers from our company for products and services similar to those you have ordered. You can also oppose this data processing concerning you. Our data are authorized by CNIL.

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