Kookoning - A different collaboration

Kookoning - A different collaboration

More than a bed

Kookooning is a booking platform like no other.

It combines tourist activities and accommodation through a hundred themes gathered behind 10 major themes (or desires): creative leisure and crafts, heritage and culture, terroir and tourism, relaxation and well-being, nature, sports activities, unusual, romantic, with family, seminars …

A collaboration that will make your choices easier!

Thanks to Kookooning you will have access to a collection of luxury villas carefully selected by our team, according to the stay of your choice. Considerable time savings and less pressure. You will no longer have to ask yourself multiple questions such as: “what to do? »« Where to stay? “” When? “. Everything is there to simplify your vacation organization.

Find our selection, depending on your stay on: https://www.kookooning.com/

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